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01/26/2023 Home Movie Transfer

Tom did an amazing job for us. Great quality and price bringing back so many wonderful memories for us. Thank you Tom!!!

- Lee Haak from Ellensburg

10/18/2021 Photo Videos

First, let me say that the video you put together in record time was amazing! We received so many comments all with admiration to how it was pieced together and the choice of music. Everyone was amazed at how much our young son accomplished in his short life and how the video captured Alex's true essence and for that I am grateful. We know it brought joy and inspiration to everyone that has had a chance to view it. Thank you again Jerry, I appreciate you and the service you provide more than you know.

- Christina Nickerson from Ellensburg

09/28/2021 Video to DVD

I had my VHS wedding video converted to a DVD format and flash drive. It was awesome for my kids to finally see the video, and for me to watch it again 26 years later! Highly recommend!

- Danette Franklin Preston from Ellensburg

06/14/2021 Video Services

Great work, and so easy to contact! Don't bother to send your videos away when you have an option right here in Ellensburg!

- Janel Richardson from Ellensburg

04/08/2021 Video Services

I used this company in January 21'. Good person to work with. I had a lot of questions & he was kind as he answered each one. Easy process. I did have a small complication with my order. He was on top of getting it corrected! I will recommend & use this company again.

- Cassandra Phillips from Grandview

03/20/2021 Video Services

Home Studio Video is the best. ??

- Jim Libenow from Ellensburg, WA

01/15/2021 Video to DVD

I mailed my tapes on Monday and got a reassuring email from the company saying that they have been received. I have communicated a few times with this company. He is really GREAT to work with and patient lol, as I'm trying to understand this process. I currently enjoy working with this business and suggest others bring their orders their way!

- Cassandra Phillips from Grandview

08/28/2020 Video Services

Hi Jerry, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say that was absolutely fantastic. I'm certain it was filmed in parts with all kinds of issues in coordination of people, materials/props, etc. Still, you took what could have been a complete disaster of a graduation and provided that group of students with a wonderful memory video. Really well done! Thank you, Ms. Donna McFadden

- Donna McFadden from Ellensburg

08/28/2020 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you Jerry, the files are very nice and we had no trouble opening them. Mauricia

- Mauricia Vandegrift from Wenatchee

08/28/2020 Home Movie Transfer

Jerry, Thanks for doing such a good job on the slide and video project. My wife got to see, what she describes is her fondest memory of, our youngest son, so both you and I are on her hero list for this month. The slide work especially surprised me. Focus was tight, colors fixed and it appeared a significant amount of dust was dealt with. For sure you will see more video work soon. Thanks again, Doug

- Doug Crook from Ellensburg

08/28/2020 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks much for sending the DVDs! Received them a day prior to my visit with mother, and she was enjoying viewing them last evening. Good job restoring memories! Thank you, Sharon

- Sharon Neace from Wenatchee

02/14/2020 Video Services

Great company I sent in my professional cassette recorded by a school it was huge I've never seen one like it before, I sent it in a mailed it to them and they did all they could they made the cassette even though it was almost 28 years old the video came out great.

- Carolyn Heersema from Seattle

02/04/2020 Video Services

He did a lot of ours and did a great job

- Debra Schmit from Ellensburg

01/13/2020 Home Movie Transfer

He went above and beyond what was expected! Highly recommended! Thank you so much.

- Lori Stringfellow from Cle Elum

12/09/2019 Video to DVD

It came a few days ago. I appreciate the quality!

- Marianne Asay from Quincy

12/09/2019 Video Services

I ordered a cd for myself I sent a very old school cassette that was made in 1984 didn't think they could manage to convert to cd but they did, I was so happy with them they not only made me a cd but they put it on a memory stick for me. And viedo quality was great I got to see my parents my brother and sister in law all of whom have passed. Brings back memories

- Carolyn Heersema from Ellensburg

10/22/2019 Video Services

I have hired Home Video twice.... Great prices for the wonderful products...

- Jaclin Peterson Huey from Ellensburg

10/04/2019 Video to DVD

Best place to have them done. He does a great job

- Ida Denning from Ellensburg

10/04/2019 Duplications

They do an amazing job, highly recommend them!

- Andrea Ecklund from Ellensburg

08/16/2019 Video Services

This is a great company to hire... I highly recommend Jerry..... excellent work ethics.... reasonable pricing....

- Jaclin Huey from Shoreline

04/22/2019 Video Services

Thanks Jerry! You exceeded my expectations!

- Lori Nevin from Cle Elum

02/04/2019 Video to DVD

Hi Jerry I received the tapes… They look great just wanted to let you know that I was very happy with your service and to have a wonderful day and will be talking soon.

- Chuck Mackenzie from East Wenatchee

02/04/2019 Home Movie Transfer

Jerry transferred old videos onto dvds and results are awesome. I couldn't be happier with the prompt and courteous service. I'll definitely be a returning customer! Thanks Jerry

- Vickey Nitta from Kennewick

01/20/2019 Home Movie Transfer

we’ve had Jerry do several movies for us and it has been a pleasure doing business with him. prompt Courteous and professional service...

- Pam Conover from Ellensburg

12/20/2018 Video Editing

Hi Jerry!  Ken and I have watched the wedding video and listened to the audio!!  Many thanks for a job well done!!  They both brought a tear to the eye!!!  We have enjoyed working with you on our projects and know there will be others coming, too!! 

- Cec Calhoun from Ellensburg

11/12/2018 Video Services

Your package with our old VHS tapes and the Flash drive arrived earlier today, and the timing could not be better! Everything looks great. We have some other old videos that I know we will want converted - and you are now our "official" go to person! Many thanks for the speedy service!

- Nancy Clendaniel from Enumclaw

11/05/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I just used this service and I am greatly pleased with a very decent man and timely response.

- Denny Redman from Duvall

09/28/2018 Video Services

I know Jerry Alldredge. He is very good at what he does. Great guy.

- Lisa O'Brien from Cle Elum

09/03/2018 Video to DVD

Jerry is great! I gave him the only tape of my mom that was left and he transferred it to a usable format with no issues...I was so worried but it worked out fine!

- Lori Ames from Ellensburg

08/24/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Quick update Picked up my project Friday returning home to Seattle after a funeral of all things. Having these videos available for all of my family to enjoy is priceless . Just now getting into the DVA program and it’s amazing . Thank you Thank you Jerry for helping me get this project completed. It truly is amazing and well worth the effort on your end! Kirby’s

- Kevin Kirby from Covington

08/17/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Just so you are aware , Costco doesn’t care about you or your cherished film! I would go to Jerry just because he communicates with you . He understands how important your memories are, and is a great person overall . Can you tell me the big box stores will handle your project personally? This is why I went with him, trustworthy and personal cradle to grave!!!! 4 thumbs up for sure!

- Kevin Kirby from Covington

08/16/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Jerry converted 40+ of our precious home VHS and mini-DV tapes to digital movies and we couldn't be happier. He is a great communicator, was very careful with our videos, and did a great job. I would definitely recommend Jerry to anyone needing this service!

- Patrick Jensen from Richland, WA

07/18/2018 Photo Videos

We hired Jerry, and his Home Video Studio to put together a simple slide show for a memorial service. It was way better than random pictures being projected on a wall, there was music Harry would have loved and a title picture that was personally put together using multiple pictures imposed on top of each other to look alive. It was a very happy emotional presentation. We feel very indebted to Home Video Studio for making the memorial something beautiful out something sad. Thank you Jerry Alldredge for offering a business that keeps our family legacy so very much alive for years to come.

- Nena and Kelly Kukes from Ellensburg

06/11/2018 Home Movie Transfer

After my father past I had very little time to get all my unwatchable home videos of the tapes and on to a disc to use for a slide show at his memorial. Jerry was super helpful and fast to get the job done with good quality and good prices ??

- Autumn calhoon from Ellensburg

06/11/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Jerry did a great job for us. He went above and beyond getting are project done quickly and providing us with help. I strongly recommend Jerry.

- Forrest Johnston from Ellensburg

06/04/2018 Video to DVD

Jerry did a fine job converting a 1992 video tape to DVD. I highly recommend his services to anyone who has such a need. Prices were right and expect to use his service more in the future.

- David Grady from Ellensburg

05/29/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you so much for everything!

- J Louis Cisneros from Cashmere

05/29/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I just wanted to tell you that I am so pleased with my CD's. They are perfect. Thank you so much and thank you for making it easy on me. I didn't have to come there. Thank you.

- Sunni Andersen from Mattawa, WA

04/30/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Really great service. Jerry communicated really directly about the project, costs and time frames. He let us know when some of the tapes were not able to be transferred and that it would delay the project and then worked diligently to work through the technical aspects to resolve those issues. I could not be more please and will look forward to being able to work with the digital output to easily edit in this new digital format. Thanks Jerry!

- Matthew Sweeney from SEATTLE

02/05/2018 Video to DVD

Thanks so much! Everything looks great! We are enjoying watching our vacation movies and can't wait to show the kids. Excellent work!

- Gene Montoya from Kent

02/05/2018 Video Production

Jerry I just turned on my computer and what a WONDERFUL surprise! This is so kind of you to put forth so much effort for the families of Little Country Preschool . On behalf of all the families we sincerely Thank-You!

- Pam Haberman - Little Country Preschool from Ellensburg

01/27/2018 Photo Videos

Jerry Alldredge for sure! He helped me when my mom passed and was fantastic!

- Tonieka Kokjer from Ellensburg

01/25/2018 Video Services

Highly recommend Jerry!

- Sarah Walberg Hatfield from Ellensburg

01/25/2018 Home Movie Transfer

My husband and I watched our video of our wedding (50years) and it was great! You did a great job. Thanks again.

- Lynda Reimann from Othello

01/23/2018 Photo Videos

This is a great company! I have had two projects done here and they were beyond excellent.

- Joy Lessard from Ellensburg

01/23/2018 Photo Videos

Jerry:?Everyone LOVED the slide show.? Thank you again for the gift that it is to us.

- Randa Mangels from Ellensburg

01/23/2018 Photo Videos

You DO very great work! Never disappointed

- Maurie Peterson from Ellensburg

09/13/2017 Audio Tape Transfer

We have used this business... Very satisfied....

- Jaclin Peterson Huey from Seattle

08/24/2017 Video Services

He does excellent work.

- Joseph Guggino from Ellensburg

08/23/2017 35mm slide transfer

Thanks for your excellent work, as always.

- Janet Adams from ELLENSBURG

08/21/2017 Video Production

Jerry's work is top shelf. I highly recommend him.

- Art Four Central Washington from

07/11/2017 Home Movie Transfer

You guys did a great job on our movies. I highly recommend you

- Kris De Trolio from Warden

03/27/2017 Video Services

I appreciate your help in bringing our cherished memories back to life. I have been uploading them to YouTube and sharing with the kids. I would send you more business but I have sent you every piece of media that I could dig up, bar none.

- Kevin Rimes from Wenatchee

03/15/2017 Video Services

A recent query on an online Community Bulletin Board generated 4 unsolicited responses supporting Home Video Studio - Ellensburg. The Post: Is there a computer/electronics shop in town that will make copies of home DVDs? The Responses: 1. Jerry Alldredge 2.  I second that! Jerry is great. 3. highly recommend Jerry Alldredge. He converted all ours 4. Also can confirm that Jerry is honest, quick, and fair!

- Crystal, Stacey, Deborah, Myrna from Ellensburg

03/11/2017 Video to DVD

For everybody that reads this text I am one of Jerry's customers and he does great work I am very happy and very satisfied with the finished product and the price was wonderful also

- Ricardo from Selah

02/06/2017 Audio Tape Transfer

Jerry a great guy and very helpful. He takes the time to make sure you are satisfied and completes the job in a very timely professional manner.

- Linda from Malaga

01/29/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Jerry - a year or two ago you transferred many 8mm tapes to DVD's for us!! You did an excellent job! I love seeing our memories from our two sons early years - and before they were born! I found about 66 more 8mm tapes and look forward to having you transfer them to DVD's so we can enjoy them too!! Thanks again!!

- Karen from Moses Lake

01/08/2017 Photo Videos

Jerry Alldredge, Home Video Studio. Great guy, very good and nice.

- Marci Matthews from Ellensburg

01/08/2017 Photo Videos

Jerry Alldredge helped organize slide show for my Dad's 90th, excellent! Wish I had known about him before I spent two days trying to do it on my own!

- Christi McCune from Ellensburg

12/29/2016 Video Services

Jerry does GREAT JOB

- Jackie Doyle from Ellensburg

12/29/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Highly recommend Jerry. He did an amazing job with our old home movies.

- DeAnna Winchester from Ellensburg

12/29/2016 Video to DVD

Hi Jerry, I never had the chance to tell you how much my Mother in-law LOVED her wedding DVD you made. She was in tears, like I said she hadn't seen it in many years. You helped us make one of the most memorable Mother's Day for her, I can't thank you enough. I will recommend your services to anyone who needs them, you were fast, reliable and very reasonably priced . Thank you again

- Danielle from Ellensburg

12/22/2016 Video to DVD

Jerry is a true professional. We had a lot of work for him and he completed it on time and all the work was very well done. I would not hesitate to recommend Jerry to anyone that needs any one of the wide variety of services that Jerry provides. Thank you Jerry!

- Cliff Sands from Ellensburg

08/29/2016 Video to DVD

I stayed up and watched the film you had transferred to a DVD. Oh my, so wonderful. 1978 girls championship game. Can't wait to share it with my teammates and coach, 38 years later, thanks Jerry

- Maria Lefler from Royal City

07/06/2016 Video Production

I just want to thank you so much for being such a huge part of the success of our Tastes to Treasures event! The video was so moving and helped all of our guests connect with the work we do and those we serve.

- Brooke from Ellensburg

07/06/2016 Photo Videos

Jerry - We wanted to let you know that Dad was very pleased with the DVD, photo quality and music. He said to let you know the music choice was perfect and he loved the presentation. So, thank you very much. Money well spent. We will probably be in touch for more.

- Steve & Cindy Rogers from

07/06/2016 Video to DVD

"Great" is just one word to explain this service!

- Gaynor Edwards from Warden

06/15/2016 Video Editing

Jerry, thanks for the terrific job you did in editing a DVD of old family 8mm footage from the early 1940’s. Thanks to an earlier gift of a much longer, unedited version from one of my cousins, this carefully edited version now allows my immediate family members to see for the first time remarkable images of our parents, grandparents, siblings and other close relatives. It brings them to life in a way that still photographs could never do. I would recommend your services to others."

- Jim Wickwire from Seattle

06/13/2016 35mm slide transfer

Jerry, All the slides that you copied onto disk turned out well. I am happy that you held onto the photos for awhile so that I was able to get a replacement copy when I lost the original. Thanks again. Jim Holcomb Wenatchee

- Jim Holcomb from Wenatchee

05/12/2016 Video Editing

Hi, Jerry. You did a great job on the video and Cynthia and her husband, Jim, are very grateful to have it.

- Heather Hazlett from Ellensburg

04/05/2016 Video Production

Dear Jerry, Thanks for your wonderful photography and editing for a lengthy project. I have been getting a lot of wonderful comments from people who have seen the Feldenkrais Method and Spinal Cord Injury video. Many thanks! Jane McClenney Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

- Jane McClenney from Ellensburg

03/21/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Wow! Thanks to Jerry I am able to introduce my children to their family through video I thought long lost. I held on to this box of tapes and film for so long, it is wonderful to finally see what is on them. The service is fast and friendly! I highly recommend this service to others!

- Casey from Selah

01/08/2016 Video Services

Dear Jerry, Thank you so much for doing that special project so quickly. I really appreciate all your help. You really have a TALENT...I will be utilizing you more in the months to come. Ever Thankful, Beth

- Beth Vogt from Ellensburg

01/03/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks so much for taking care of this film to video business for us!! It was so fun for mom to see this after so many years and for her to share who all the folks were and how they were related to us.

- Mary from Newberg, Oregon

10/22/2015 Photo Videos

Thank you so much for doing that! There were quite a number of wonderful letters in that collection that have kept me absorbed for most of the evening. It was particularly nice to encounter the mind of my old dad when it was still sharp and engaging. Anyhow, I really do appreciate your help. It brought real comfort to browse through it all.

- Barb from Seattle

10/22/2015 35mm slide transfer

They do a wonderful job. Great guy to work with.

- Gwen from Wenatchee

10/22/2015 Home Movie Transfer

We brought the DVD's that you did for us to Arizona and looked at them!! Just wanted you to know how happy we are with them! I was amazed that the color was so good after so many years - the first part was from 1968! And those precious memories are priceless! So fun looking at them. Can't wait to show our family!!! I'm so glad we had you transfer the film for us! Now I'm excited to have the other 88 rolls transferred to DVD! That will have to wait until we get home from Arizona next Spring! Thanks again!

- Karen from Moses Lake

08/12/2015 Photo Videos

I cannot thank you and your business enough for putting together the video for my kids. You were helpful and so professional throughout the process. This little video you sent me couldn't have come at a better time. I thank you!

- Tara from Ellensburg

07/25/2015 Video to DVD

Received my DVD's today that Home Video Studio transferred from my old VHS tapes...........Totally impressed with the quality of transfer and the service.........If you have any laying around you need to get them on DVD's soon...They lose quality just sitting around, so I would suggest getting them done asap.............

- Phyllis from East Wenatchee, WA

07/12/2015 Video Production

Jerry: I love the videos and think you do amazing work. I will be using these videos in trainings. You are generous with your time and talent. Looking forward to working with you in years to come.

- Carla from Ellensburg

05/31/2015 35mm slide transfer

Jerry does a fantastic job...just had some old photographs from the 40s scanned to share with my family...incredibly fast too. Thank you Jerry...I'll be back!

- Caron VanOrman from Ellensburg

05/21/2015 Video Production

Superb work, Jerry! Nice integration with the helpful captions and qualifying information.I love it.

- Vickie Nesbit from Ellensburg

05/17/2015 Video to DVD

Thank you so much!!!! You did an awesome job ????transferring my home videos to dvd! It was nice knowing who was in charge of the job and not just some random person from Walmart or Costco. I would highly recommend you anytime!! Thanks

- Jill Acosta from Othello, WA

05/12/2015 Video to DVD

Jerry, you did a fantastic job on converting some 60 year old 8mm films that had been copied many years ago to VHS. Even with some very bad rolling of the copied VHS, you were able to correct the problem with your unique ingenuity. Thanks so much for copying those very old memories to a media that will last a very long time. I look forward to continue working with you to copy even more current memories to DVD. Thanks.

- Roland Tollefson from Ellensburg

05/06/2015 Video to DVD

Jerry, When I received my wedding DVDs in the mail I was so excited to watch them with my children. It had been over ten years since I had been able to watch the VHS tapes, so it was a walk back in time for me and a new experience for them. They loved seeing people they knew in the video. The best part was when my daughter saw her great-grandmother walk down the aisle, and then go up on stage to light a candle and turn around to face the camera. It was so special because her great-grandmother died two years ago. How wonderful for that memory to be recaptured by you! I was afraid the video was gone forever because of how poorly I had kept the VHS tape. Thank you for helping us keep a wonderful memory of a wonderful day and a wonderful family member who has since past away. -Jess

- Jessica Phelps from Boston

03/31/2015 Photo Videos

I want to Thank you again for your help/services. Your encouragement and support really means a lot to me. Thanks for doing such a fabulous job on my presentation! Thanks Jerry!! :)

- JoAnne from Ellensburg

01/24/2015 Video Production

Thank you for a great product! You're worth more than this...because you did such a great job we're not going to need (extra) discs.

- Lee Bates from Ellensburg

01/11/2015 Home Movie Transfer

He's does amazing work.. he rushed a xmas gift for me and it turned out percect!

- Tracy Jenks from Ellensburg

12/10/2014 Video to DVD

I can whole heartedly recommend Home Video Studio. It’s been so nice to get my old VHS and Super 8 movies done. You do an excellent job and they come back all organized with labels. It’s especially fun during the holidays to have the chance to walk down our family memory lane. We make some popcorn, pop in the CD and enjoy! I also like the storage factor. CD’s take up so much less space. I really appreciate that you are local. I like the easy drop off and pick up. Thank you Debbie

- Debbie from Ellensburg

11/04/2014 Video to DVD

Thank you Home Video Studio - Ellensburg, WA - Video Services for the wonderful transfer of our showers, wedding video and Mila Nelson's piano recital! Now we have them for all time and I can quit worrying about the deterioration of the VCR tapes!! A run down memory lane tonite!

- Linda Nelson from Ellensburg

10/17/2014 Photo Videos

Jerry, I have 2 words for you...Thank You. I'm still enjoying the memories you put on disk for me.

- Maurie Peterson from Ellensburg

10/17/2014 Video to DVD

I had all of my home videos from old VHS transferred to DVD through Jerry/Home Video Studio. Best thing! Great service:)

- Erin Venters from Ellensburg

09/24/2014 Video to DVD

" I needed a VHS recording edited and converted to DVD in a day -- Jerry's service was quick and professional."

- Bruce Herman from Ellensburg

07/29/2014 Video Production

Jerry: Thank you for all your work on the digital story. I appreciated your knowledge, skills, and expertise. You were a delight to work with and I plan to refer others to you.

- Crystal Dawn Walker from Ellensburg

07/25/2014 Video to DVD

Jerry, Thank you for the good work you always do. We appreciate it.

- Deborah Coats from Kennewick

07/15/2014 Video to DVD

Transferred an old VHS to DVD, the product was of high quality. The communication with Jerry was pleasant and professional, the price was very reasonable. If I ever have video production needs again I would not hesitate to use Home Video Studio, and would recommend their services to anyone.

- Ryan Bury from Ellensburg

07/10/2014 Photo Videos

The presentation went off without a hitch--the opportunity to share both the audio and video portions of "the story" was especially nice…It helps me to extend the reach of the story a little!...Need I say that, "I couldn't have done it without you!"

- Bob Weiking from Ellensburg

04/10/2014 Duplications

Thanks for transferring my audio cassette tapes to CD MP3 format. My father (deceased) produced 11 audio tapes about his early life in the Army. Of particular significance was his time as a mule skinner. This information has now been preserved in multiple copies and passed on to siblings and children. Thanks for a great job, Jerry. Our next project for you will be transferring 35mm slides to DVD. We'll be in touch!

- Dennis Patrick from Stanley, North Dakota

03/15/2014 Video to DVD

Hi Jerry, Thanks for getting these tapes done so quickly. My boys will really enjoy them. I appreciate your help once again.

- Jackie Johnson from Cle Elum

02/15/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Hello Jerry, We like the videos. In time, we'll probably bring some more to You. Happy January!

- Mike Pearson from Ellensburg

02/08/2014 Photo Videos

It is a honor to have a person of your caliber with us at Sparrow Clubs to further our work of "helping kids help kids in medical crisis."

- Steve from Ellensburg

02/08/2014 Photo Videos

We really appreciate your help and support. Also wanted you to know I loved the video you did for the Bookmobile event!!

- Nancy from Ellensburg

02/05/2014 Photo Videos

Thank you so much for the video of Brenden you put together for the sparrow club. It was amazing!

- S Ezell from Ellensburg

12/27/2013 Video Production

Hi Jerry, I just wanted to thank you again for your fantastic job shooting, editing and making the program video. I think it is the best, by far, that we have had produced. You are totally awesome and so talented. You made us look and sound great! Thanks so much!!!

- Leslie Schneider from Ellensburg

11/28/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I would like to say how much we enjoyed our experience with home video services. All of our questions were answered and we were assured of good quality. I would highly recommend them to any and all who have reservations about putting tapes or films on dvds. I procrastinated for years and now its done and well done. Thank you Jerry.

- Marilyn from Ellensburg

11/21/2013 Video Production

We received all three of the DVD's and love them!! Thanks for doing such an excellent job. This will be something that Chanelle and Matt and the rest of us will have forever :) Thank you, thank you!!

- Kim from Leavenworth

10/12/2013 Video Production

Oh my word!!! You are AMAZING!!! Thank you!!! You captured it all!!! LOVE it!!!!

- Mandi Laurent from Ellensburg

10/12/2013 Video Production

THANK YOU! That was AWESOME! This puts a smile on my face every time I see all those kids enjoying reading!

- Teresa Hall from Ellensburg

10/12/2013 Video Production

Jerry, I finally had the time to really sit and enjoy the Bookmobile Video. You are amazing! Let me say it again...You are amazing! It is such a fantastic video...Thanks so much. Wow! Judy

- Judy Backlund from Ellensburg

10/11/2013 Video Services

Thanks, Jerry! I am so happy to have some of Tim's sermons on the web and on CD's. They will make wonderful Christmas presents. I love to hear his preaching, laughing and singing. Blessings, Edie

- Edie Owen from Billings, MT

10/11/2013 Video Services

Thanks for your fine work. Although my wife and I live in the Dominican Republic, I would be happy to recommend you to friends in Ellensburg.

- Tom Mohler from Ellensburg/Dominican Republic

10/11/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I am very pleased with the quality and service at Home Video Studio. As a result of a quick and professional handling of my request, we are now enjoying a short movie taken many years ago that brings us sweet memories!!! Thank you!!!

- maya chachava from ellensburg

04/30/2013 Video Services

Great job on our wedding dvd-thanks Jerry!

- Jennifer Avellino from Ellensburg

04/22/2013 Photo Videos

Jerry, we were so pleased with Dad's video. It was such a fitting tribute to this hard working man...Thanks for producing this in record time. I appreciate your hours of work and creative touches you put into it. I'll call on you again

- Joy Lessard from Ellensburg

04/03/2013 Video Production

Jerry, This is an absolutely terrific video introduction of the Carlson girls. I am deeply appreciative of your support of this special children’s cause and very impressed with the quality of your work. So grateful to have you with us! Steve Mezich Executive Director Sparrow Clubs USA

- Steve Mezich from none

04/02/2013 Video Production

You do fantastic work Jerry! Thanks for Yakima River RV Park's Video. I'm anxious to hear the customers' and publics' comments and hope they come vacation in Ellensburg real soon.

- Darlene Grant from Ellensburg

03/06/2013 Photo Videos

Thanks for the fantastic job you did on the DVD for Mount Stuart's Sparrow assembly. It was just perfect! I would like to get three more copies if possible.

- Nancy Wilson from Ellensburg

03/06/2013 Photo Videos

Thanks SO MUCH for the awesome dvd about the Carlson family. That was excellent. I sincerely appreciate your time and creative energy in putting that together. Erika was thrilled with it. Listening the the twins chat away about the pictures as they watched was beyond cute. I wish I could have recorded all there comments!

- Kathy Hoffman from Ellensburg

02/17/2013 Home Movie Transfer

After my Dad died, I inherited 60+ rolls of Super 8 film carrying years of precious family memories. Thanks to Jerry at HVS, we are now enjoying all that family history on DVD. The digital format is a definite improvement on the original (not to mention easier to store and to watch!). A big thank you to HVS!

- Teague McKamey from Ellensburg

12/17/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you Jerry. It was great doing business with you.

- Deborah Coats from Kennewick

10/05/2012 Video Services

I was very pleased with the level of service Jerry provides. He backs up his work and has a level of integrity that is hard to find in the service industry today. I received my video and DVD and was very pleased with the quality of work. I will let my frinds and family know what a great experience I had working with Home Video Studio.

- Shirley Moreno from campbell, CA

09/06/2012 Video Services

Thank you Jerry! I really appreciate what you did! The DVD turned out great!

- Chris Pedersen from Prosser

08/27/2012 Video Services

Thanks so much for the quick turnaround on the tapes, I so appreciate the great service!

- Jessica Robinson from Leavenworth, WA

08/27/2012 Photo Videos

Thank you so much for the wonderful slide show that you did for our family, you nailed it! Thanks again........The Larimer's

- Larry Larimer from Yakima, WA

08/27/2012 Video Services

I had Jerry Alldredge put all my old videos and a whole bunch of still pict on dvd's and discs for me. I have been having so much fun watching a blast from the past.

- Teresa Mounts from Boardman, OR

07/06/2012 Video to DVD

Jerry, We are very pleased with your video services. We are among many that will keep you in business.

- Les and Relda from Ellensburg

05/07/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks to you,Jerry, I now have great DVDs that you made from 8mm and VHS tapes of our family taken over the years. Due to the excellent results, members of my family are gathering their VHS tapes for you to transfer to DVDs in the future. I'm so glad that you are providing this service in Ellensburg.

- Margie from Ellensburg

04/29/2012 Duplications

I have many LP's that are out of print and still are my favorite. I recently had Home Video Studio transfer a LP to CD. The service was great and it's nice to know that we have something like this in Ellensburg. Would highly recommend using this service for all your needs in sound and video transfers to digital.

- Jeff Jones from Ellensburg

04/28/2012 Photo Videos

Jerry - Thank you so much for transferring my mothe's & father's old photos that were in an old trunk from the 40's to a photo DVD that my siblings just loved! I was able to take DVD's to give to my two older brothers in CA. My favorite photos were of when I was 5 years old sailing in San Francisco Bay with our parents and my two brothers and two sisters. My oldest brother, Ken, seeing himself at the age of 16 said, "What a good looking sailor I was!" It was just so much fun to relive happy memories. Thank you, again, and I will tell my friends about your great service to preserve those precious memories.

- Holly Hutchinson from Thorp

01/08/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Been waiting for a service like this. Had several VHS tapes transferred to DVD's for a Christmas gift and they turned out great and were very much appreciated. Am having more done to save many precious memories.

- Chris Leffert from Ellensburg

01/03/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Jerry, You turned an aging family video into a work of art, a treasure. Everyone who has seen it has enjoyed it. Thank you so much. Mary

- Mary Michener from Ellensburg

12/03/2011 Video to DVD

Thank you Jerry , you did a great job editing my video VHS tapes to DVD. You eliminated a portion perfectly. These will be Christmas gifts to our family.

- Sharon from Ellensburg

11/11/2011 Video to DVD

We have had several tapes that we haven't been able to watch for quite a long time. Recently we took a dozen or so to Jerry and he did a great job transferring them all to onto dvd's.

- cottrells from Ellensburg

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